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Strap for Fluke or Flea
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Fluke and Flea Strap
Custom designed and USA made for Magic Fluke ukuleles. Attach with a simple Velcro strip on the body and tie to head stock. Fully adjustable universal size. One inch wide nylon strap with printed fabric and leather tab.
(Colors and patterns are numbered as shown in images, from left to right.)
price: $15.00

Strap Color or Design:
Denim [+$5.00]
Green Tapa [+$5.00]
No 1. Brown
No 2. Red
No 3. Purple
No 4. Surf [+$5.00]
No 5. Blue Hibiscus [+$5.00]
No 6. Tiki [+$5.00]
No. 1 Blue
No. 2 Green
No. 3 Beige
No. 4 Black
No. 5 Brown Tapa [+$5.00]
No. 6 Bird of Paradise [+$5.00]
No. 7 Tropical Bliss [+$5.00]
No. 8 Musical Notes [+$5.00]
No.1Red Hibiscus [+$5.00]
No.2Denim [+$5.00]
No.3Green Tapa [+$5.00]


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