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Action and Neck Angle - Banjos/Banjoleles
For the banjoleles, action and neck angle can be adjusted by changing the number of black washers under the L bracket. Simply de-tune, remove the Philips screw holding the L bracket to the strut, and
Firefly Drum Head Replacement Surgery
Loosen and remove strings from tailpiece. Inside the old drum head, place the new wedge between old wedge and underside of skin. Turn the banjo over on a firm flat surface, skin side up. With a pie
Firefly Pickup Istallation
Before assembly, drill ½” hole in Remo drum shell about 3” or 45 deg. (4” on Tenor and 5 String) from tailpiece hole and 7/8” in from edge. Back up with block on bench or in vice to prev
Long Term Storage - Banjos/Banjoleles
For long term storage or shipping we recommend that you keep the bridge turned flat onto the head to relieve pressure.
Setting up the Firefly Banjo
To set us the firefly, stand up the bridge and position it on the drum head centered between the pencil marks. If there is a dot on the bridge, face it toward the tailpiece. Place the strings in t
Tightening the Head
To tighten the head on the firefly banjo ukulele, the drum assembly can easily be replaced on the soprano and concert FF. Tightening the head on the Tenor or 5-string models is easily done with the 10