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Action and Intonation - Ukuleles
On new instruments we set the action at the 12 th fret to be between .080” and .100” (2.0 to 2.5mm). Generally the instruments are very stable and should not require further adjustment however
Use damp cloth with mild soap if necessary. General-purpose guitar polishes and cleaners are compatible. Most tops are finished with water borne lacquer; necks are finished with a tinted, wipe on
Friction Tuners
Keep them tight. Grover 2B and 2W tuners require tightening of the screw at the end of each tuner with a Phillips or flat head screwdriver. Tighten until the tuner just begins to get difficult to
Low G Strings
Low G strings are generally larger in diameter and may require opening up the slots in both the nut and bridge. This is best achieved with a folded piece of sandpaper, carefully worked into the sl
Replacing Uke Strings
Any brand nylon ukulele strings will work, as long as they match the scale of the instrument. Generally nylon uke strings last a long time however if thin spots, roughness, or poor intonation is n
Soprano, Concert, Tenor, what does it mean?
These refer to the scale length of an ukulele. Our Soprano scale length (nut to bridge) is 14”. Concert scale length is 15.5” and Tenor is 17”. See complete specs for other dimensional diffe
Storage and Environmental
Reasonable changes in temperature and humidity should not affect the instrument. However solid top woods such as Koa or Spruce are generally more delicate and should be treated as any solid tradit
Top Not Flat or Distorted
Do not be alarmed. Tops distort because of the constant string tension creating torque on the bridge usually creating a slight depression between the bridge and sound hole. There is a fine line
Ukulele Fingerboard Wear and Replacement
Nylon strings should not wear the molded polycarbonate fingerboard however if it shows wear at any time, it may be returned for replacement. If wound strings are used, such as ‘low G’ sets, a