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Action and Intonation - Ukuleles
On new instruments we set the action at the 12 th fret to be between .080” and .100” (2.0 to 2.5mm). Generally the instruments are very stable and should not require further adjustment however
Action and Neck Angle - Banjos/Banjoleles
For the banjoleles, action and neck angle can be adjusted by changing the number of black washers under the L bracket. Simply de-tune, remove the Philips screw holding the L bracket to the strut, and
Bass Strap Removal Instructions
Disconnect the strap from the output jack strap button. Grasp the loop side of the Kevlar where it wraps around the leather strap and start pushing the leather strap through the Kevlar loop. Pass
Chin and Shoulder Rest
The chin and shoulder rest is removable and adjustable. One thumb screw attaches it to the body. There are three different height position settings using the different holes in the rests. Make sur
Use damp cloth with mild soap if necessary. General-purpose guitar polishes and cleaners are compatible. Most tops are finished with water borne lacquer; necks are finished with a tinted, wipe on
Firefly Drum Head Replacement Surgery
Loosen and remove strings from tailpiece. Inside the old drum head, place the new wedge between old wedge and underside of skin. Turn the banjo over on a firm flat surface, skin side up. With a pie
Firefly Pickup Istallation
Before assembly, drill ½” hole in Remo drum shell about 3” or 45 deg. (4” on Tenor and 5 String) from tailpiece hole and 7/8” in from edge. Back up with block on bench or in vice to prev
Friction Tuners
Keep them tight. Grover 2B and 2W tuners require tightening of the screw at the end of each tuner with a Phillips or flat head screwdriver. Tighten until the tuner just begins to get difficult to
Hardwood vs. Molded Polycarbonate fingerboard
The standard molded polycarbonate fingerboard should last indefinitely with all nylon strings. The optional hardwood fingerboard with wire frets is recommended if wound strings are used. The molde
How can I tell what size uke I have?
By measuring the scale which is the vibrating string length from bridge to nut: Soprano 13", Concert 14.5" to 16" and Tenor 16.5" to 18" For Magic Fluke ukuleles, the model number should be located
How do I learn to play the ukulele?
There are many methods & songbooks, instructional DVDs and videos available as well as online tutorials for just about any style and type of music.
How is the ukulele held and played?
The uke is held up high on the chest, cradled in your strumming arm--not resting on your knee. This positions your strumming over the fingerboard, especially on smaller scale instruments. Finger p
Long Term Storage - Banjos/Banjoleles
For long term storage or shipping we recommend that you keep the bridge turned flat onto the head to relieve pressure.
Low G Strings
Low G strings are generally larger in diameter and may require opening up the slots in both the nut and bridge. This is best achieved with a folded piece of sandpaper, carefully worked into the sl
MiSi Charging and Plugging In
To charge the acoustic trio pickup, plug the Power Charger into a 120/220 V AC outlet.Then plug the power charger 1/4" stereo plug into the pickup's endpin jack and wait 60 seconds. Now your picku
Pegheds Tuner Installation and Operation
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Replacing Uke Strings
Any brand nylon ukulele strings will work, as long as they match the scale of the instrument. Generally nylon uke strings last a long time however if thin spots, roughness, or poor intonation is n
Return Policy Any instrument bought through The Magic Fluke Co. may be returned within 10 days of receipt for a refund. The purchase price including taxes will be refunded once the instrument is re
Rosining a New Bow
Sand or scrape the glaze off the surface of the rosin; rub along hairs of tensioned bow for 3 or 4 minutes in short stroke. First application on new bows may take longer.
Setting up the Firefly Banjo
To set us the firefly, stand up the bridge and position it on the drum head centered between the pencil marks. If there is a dot on the bridge, face it toward the tailpiece. Place the strings in t