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Violin Bridge Setup
Last Updated: 02/23/2022
Your Cricket Violin was shipped de-tuned but with the bridge standing
up. If the bridge has fallen or is out of place, it can be easily
re-positioned. Its proper place is standing up feet in line with the
notches on the crescent sound holes; numbered side perpendicular to the
top and facing the tailpiece. The strings may have to be loosened
slightly to get it to stand up. All strings should be placed in the
appropriate grooves on the top of the bridge with a sleeve under the E
string as shown in the picture. Center the bridge so that strings are
equally spaced on either side of the fingerboard when looking straight
down on the top. Each bridge is numbered according to size and must be
referenced when reordering. Make sure the sound post is visible standing
up inside, behind the treble foot of the bridge centered on the marks
on the back.

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