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Firefly Drum Head Replacement Surgery
Last Updated: 02/21/2022

Loosen and remove strings from tailpiece.

Inside the old drum head, place the new wedge between old wedge and underside of skin.

Turn the banjo over on a firm flat surface, skin side up. With a piece of paper or cloth over the drum, strike the wedges with a hammer to loosen from neck.

Remove wedge and two screws (Philips screwdriver and 5/16 in. wrench) at the tailpiece end. Pull neck strut out of old drum, insert into new drum.

Re-assemble and hand tighten screws in tailpiece. Hammer new wedge to roughly 1/4 in. from underside of skin or until it feels tight. Tighten screws and adjust shims if necessary for proper action.

Restring and align bridge 14 1/16 in. (soprano) or 15 9/16 in. (concert) from center of zero fret to bottom edge of ebony part of bridge.

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