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5 of 5 Love this Cricket! September 29, 2020
Reviewer: Tyler from North Carolina  
I am a huge fan of this Cricket and enjoy playing it. Not only do I love the instrument but after my order, Phyllis e-mailed me directly and worked with me on my timeline. This is a great instrument and it sounds a lot better than I was expecting. It will be traveling with me on a number of future adventures and I really look forward to years of use.
I ordered the Peghead internally geared tuners with it, at the recommendation of others, and I am so glad that I did.

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5 of 5 I love it. May 18, 2020
Reviewer: Phil A. from Colorado USA  
I love this instrument. I have only had this cricket for a short while and I love it. It is easy to pack with you and take on a walk. It is very light as well.

The sound is as advertised very nice. Better than a beginner violin. If they made them in 3/4 and 1/2 I would tell my students this is an option. It is not as loud as a traditional violin which is a plus and minus.

The pick up a must. Played as electric the sound quality increases. This has quickly become my go to electric violin. I wish I had a gig to go to lol (coronavirus).

Great value I’m sold no real negatives to speak of other than now I want a mando lol.

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3 of 5 Lovely and Fun, with minor issues February 28, 2020
Reviewer: Kai from NY  
I absolutely love my new violin! It makes me very happy. A pleasing warm, sweet tone that's also nice and soft- perfect for practicing in small spaces. The only downside is a strong wolf-tone on the f# on the e string... I've been tuning the whole thing down a hair to avoid it and been just happy, but it would be pretty annoying if you had to play with a group.

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5 of 5 My violin playing lost its fun ... April 12, 2019
Reviewer: Keri-Ann from Northwood, NH  
Hi Everyone at Magic Fluke,

Yesterday I received my Cricket Violin. I was so excited, opening the box and looking at it made me smile. The quality and design was perfect right down to the ergonomic chin and shoulder rest. I had no idea of the sound quality before purchasing it, only watching YT videos, but when I started playing it the smile and excitement in me just kept on expanding! Not thinking anything could top that until I arrived home and plugged it into my sound system ... it was just over the top! I had so much fun playing it I did not realize that 7 hours went by so fast until the clock rang midnight, and I still wanted to keep playing it!

For the last few years my violin playing lost its fun, thank you all for bring it back to me with this wonder Cricket Violin.

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4 of 5 Irish music January 22, 2019
Reviewer: Marc Lacote from France  
I bought my cricket on the web ,from a shop in Brittany. I rent a van , travelling through New zealand during 2 monthes.i went to thé Wellington Irish session ,could share the evening with friendly musicians in the welsh dragon bar.i have several violins, but when driving or backpacking ,it always with mon petit violon cricket !

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5 of 5 A worry-free fiddle December 5, 2017
Reviewer: John from Geneva NY  
I bought my Cricket in April mostly as a symptom of Instrument Acquisition Syndrome. I had no plans for world travel or backpacking but the design looked really cool. Since April I've only played my regular fiddle a few times. I think my technique is better on the Cricket and the real attractions are the light weight and durability. I carry it with me every day and play on lunch breaks, in parking lots, whenever I get a chance. I play more and enjoy it more. The Peghed tuners and pickup are worth the money - I don't plug in a lot but it sounds good and I like playing amplified better with the Cricket than with an add-on pickup on my regular fiddle. It's just a hoot to play and if I get the chance for world travel I'll take it with me.

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5 of 5 This fiddle is wonderful. October 20, 2016
Reviewer: Evan from California  
I've never seen an object which blends modernity and classicality quite as well as this instrument.

Its sound is gorgeous. As a relative novice, it's actually easier for me to play because the correct notes resonate better.

It's got a very full voice, but gets quieter when you mute it than a traditional violin does, which is nice.

You can get cheaper instruments, but this one is absolutely worth the price. One of the loveliest objects I've ever owned.

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4 of 5 Cricket - American Made and Unique May 16, 2016
Reviewer: Jacob from The Pacific Northwest  
I have owned my cricket for a few weeks now and thought I would offer up a small review.  I am interesting in fiddle tunes, bluegrass, old time, etc and ideally I want to end up an older fiddle.  I was drawn to the unique design, the fact that it is american made, and how approachable it is coming from the world of guitars/ukuleles.  I thought I could learn on the Cricket, then get a fiddle down the line and keep the cricket as a travel/electric violin.  I love the tone of this instrument.  It feels great in the hand, and the design of the chin rest and shoulder rest are fantastic.  I am particularly impressed with the injection molded composite fingerboard, it doesn't have me missing ebony for a second and makes me feel better knowing how rare black ebony has become.  I couldn't recommend this violin more.  I would easily take it over any import that I have tried to date to learn on.  Now I am eyeing the travel tube for taking it backpacking...

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4 of 5 Great plug-in acoustic violin May 8, 2015
Reviewer: Edward Chew from Kingston, ON Canada  
My experience with the Cricket is the sound is a bit restrained when unplugged but pure gold when amped. I can't match it with any traditional violin I own. They always lose something when plugged in but the Cricket seems to find its voice. I go from playing slow ballads at home over an SR Jam amp to boisterous pub gigs with this thing. For best results, you can add an EQ box to the mix. Never any distortion even if you push the highs. This is a quality pickup.

- Great amplified acoustic tone, no feedback/distortion
- Rugged design great for klutzes like me
- Easy to reach high notes thanks to slender body
- Easy on the back (I can play 3-hour stretches without any trouble)

- Unplugged tone is a little underwhelming
- Shoulder rest doesn't anchor violin too well, probably due to its size
- Soft case could use larger pockets for instrument cables, etc. Better yet, a hard case!

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5 of 5 An Innovative, and top quality instrument! March 3, 2014
Reviewer: Ivan Olarte from Seekonk, MA United States  
After watching Alex Sovronsky's  video here and pouring over the specs of the Cricket, as well as being very happy with the 3 Magic Fluke Company instruments that I own and play a lot, I just had to have my very own Cricket.

I liked it so much from the start that I had to write an in-depth review, and share my findings of this wonderful instrument with others that may be interest.

So with that in mind, you can check out my personal In-depth review of the latest magic from The Magic Fluke  Company on the link shown below.

I'm also including a link of  a recent instrumental that I made using the wonderful Pineapple Flea Ukulele that I own and play.

Full  review of the Cricket Violin:

15 minute Video Review & Demo:

Photography gallery of the Cricket Violin:  

Video of Mr. Bojangles instrumental played on my Pineapple Flea Ukulele:

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