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Soprano scale Firefly banjolele, American made Soprano Firefly Banjo Ukulele
Base Price: $249.00

Concert scale Firefly banjolele, American made Concert Firefly Banjo Ukulele
Base Price: $365.00

Tenor scale Firefly banjolele, American made Tenor Firefly Banjo Ukulele
Base Price: $479.00

Firefly 5-string Banjo, USA made, short scale banjo, nylon string banjo, travel banjo 5 String Firefly Banjo
Base Price: $525.00

Firefly Baritone Banjo, USA made, Baritone banjo, nylon string banjo, Chicago tuning banjo Baritone Firefly Banjo
Base Price: $525.00


The Firefly Banjo Family has grown. Now introducing the 5-string Firefly Banjo, a lightweight 19" scale banjo. The 5-string features the same solid maple components & adjustable drum head tension as our Tenor Firefly Banjo Ukulele. Taking a cue from traditional banjo construction, this model incorporates an adjustable coordinator rod to affect neck angle.

The Firefly Banjo Ukulele, like a luminescent lightning bug, is great to have around a campfire, and attracts lots of attention. This marvelous hybrid combines the ease of playing the uke with the distinctive twang of a traditional banjo. Weighing in at just under one pound, the Firefly is lightweight, travels well, and sounds delightful. The new Tenor with 17" scale opens up new tuning opportunities supporting CGDA (Irish Tenor or Mandola) and DGBE Baritone tuning as well as standard uke and low G. Available in TENOR, CONCERT, or SOPRANO size.

TENOR size features a our unique internally tuneable design using an 8" Remo Renaissance banjo head and steel tone ring. Exceptionally comfortable to hold and light weight at just 2 lbs. Solid hard maple neck and fingerboard; Laminated maple pot; 17" Scale; 18 Frets; Overall length is 25.5"; Rim diameter is 9.75"; Weight is 2 lbs; Standard Grover friction tuners; Optional passive Open to Source pickup or Peghed geared tuners. CONCERT & SOPRANO size feature a 8" Renaissance Mylar drum head with Acousticon pot, factory tuned and assembled for us by Remo in California. The simple open back design is lightweight, very comfortable to hold and play, weighing in at less than one pound. Action is easily adjustable with shim washers where the dowel stick meets the tailpiece. Grover 2B tuners; walnut or maple neck; maple and ebony bridge; polycarbonate molded or hardwood fret board; and Nyltech strings. Maple neck comes standard with ivory colored tuners. The CONCERT FIREFLY has a 15.5" scale, 18 frets, and is available only with hardwood fretboard. Soprano scale is 14", 16 frets. Amplification is available with optional passive pickup by Open Source. Drum assembly is easily replaceable. Over 5,000 made, proudly in the USA.

Testimonial & Video

"I am in love with this thing. I keep it at my side. I've started taking it to old time jams. So cute, so punchy, so light, so good." "Wow!! I received the Firefly yesterday. It is beautiful! What craftsmanship! I couldn't hope for a better looking uke. Sounds great. It has a place of honor on my wall... next to my Flea."
"I own a vintage banjo uke and have always been disappointed in it. It's heavy and I never could get it in tune properly - it always sounded somewhat 'sour'. On the other hand, your Firefly Banjo Uke was playable right out of the box." "It's light, comfortable to play and has a wonderful ring to it. Thank you for such a wonderful instrument at an affordable price. I highly recommend it to my friends."