“I picked up a walnut Firefly a couple of months ago. I am in love with that thing. I keep it at my side. I've started taking it to old time jams. So cute, so punchy, so light, so good.”

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy my Flea. I just bought a very expensive custom Boat Paddle ukulele which I have tried to love but I keep coming back to my concert Flea.”

“Wow!! I received the Firefly yesterday. It is beautiful! What craftsmanship! I couldn't hope for a better looking uke. Sounds great. First song played.... George Forby's “With My Little Ukulele in my Hand“.”

“I want to express my happiness with the job you did on this instrument. It looks beautiful and with the low G La Bella strings it has a beautiful and mellow sound that is literally music to my ears.”

Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities

Custom Capabilities

Here at Magic Fluke we build each instrument to order, meaning there are endless opportunities to customize your instrument along the way. We offer full color dye-sublimation of your art (or you may choose to hand paint your own) and laser cutting and engraving. We use our Epilog 50 watt laser machine for everything from zapping out soundboards and fret-boards, to custom logos and designs. The custom possibilities are endless with this tool. We are also open to modifying our existing parts to create completely custom instruments. Feel free to contact us.

Cricket electric violin fiddle, American made, Violin, USA Made, travel violin, backpacker violin, Cricket
base price: $499.00

Cricket electric violin and viola fiddle, American made Cricket,Viola
base price: $549.00
Solid Body Fluke, USA Made Fluke SB
base price: $459.00

Firefly 5-string Banjo, USA made, short scale banjo, nylon string banjo, travel banjo 5 String Firefly Banjo
base price: $525.00

Short Scale Electric Bass Timber: Electric Bass
base price: $589.00