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Cricket electric violin fiddle, American made, Violin, USA Made, travel violin, backpacker violin, Cricket
Base Price: $499.00

Cricket electric violin fiddle, American made Cricket,Black
Base Price: $538.00
Cricket electric violin and viola fiddle, American made Cricket,Viola
Base Price: $549.00
Just like Magic Fluke's renowned Fluke, Flea and Firefly ukuleles, the Cricket shares the same distinctive design and quality features. The Cricket is a full-scale violin, also available in 14" Viola scale tuned CDGA. Versatile enough to satisfy seasoned violin and fiddle players looking for an affordable, durable travel instrument as well as beginner students seeking a fully set-up, ready-to-play first instrument. Furthermore, the Cricket is made in the USA.

With its unique open headstock and use of simple Grover friction pegs or optional geared Pegheds, the Cricket Violin is remarkably easy to tune or restring. Like our other instruments, the body is molded of a high quality, glass reinforced, durable thermoplastic for stiffness and resonance. The arched top is CNC machined solid spruce with a choice of solid walnut, mahogany or maple neck. The included chin and shoulder rest is adjustable three ways to accommodate all players. The end result is a surprisingly full range, warm sounding violin that's comfortable to hold and easy to play.

Available with Open Source Sensors pick up. This high quality U.S.A. made soundboard transducer is known for its warm, accurate acoustic sound reproduction, and these custom made pickups give the Cricket a surprisingly big rich sound. Because of the unique mounting between the sound post and the top, no preamp is required which means no battery to worry about, and super light weight. Strung with Thomastik Alphayue strings.
Testimonial & Video

"As a professional musician that's always on the go, it's wonderful to finally find an instrument that is so durable, smaller than my full size acoustic violin and all without sacrificing any of the comfort or sound quality & volume." "I can't match it with any traditional violin I own. They always lose something when plugged in but the Cricket seems to find its voice. I go from playing slow ballads at home over an SR Jam amp to boisterous pub gigs with this thing. Never any distortion even if you push the highs. This is a quality pickup."
"- Great amplified acoustic tone, no feedback/distortion
- Rugged design great for klutzes like me
- Easy to reach high notes thanks to slender body
- Easy on the back (I can play 3-hour stretches without any trouble)"

A personal review of the Cricket Violin by Ivan M. Olarte