Learn about the types of materials that we are using in all our instruments, as locally and sustainably as we are able.

Our choice of wood stems from our desire to use local, sustainable materials which helps keep cost down and avoid any USDA Lacey Act hassles on import/export. We try to stock both maple and walnut necks for all ukes and uke banjos. The larger tenor and 5 string banjo neck as well as bass are only maple due to stiffness requirements (walnut is generally slightly lower density wood). Also the tenor/5 string banjo frame is only available in maple – sourced here in New England from a drum frame manufacturer. Top wood is the exception with the basic ukes made from Australian Hoop Pine – plantation grown in Australia. The bridge on all new instruments is our new “click-lock” molded design in a glass filled polycarbonate that requires no fasteners or glue and a Graphtech saddle. We generally choose uke neck material based on what looks best with the top, however any of these material choices can be specified by the customer