For those of you that have not checked in for a while, here are a few things we’ve been working on you might be interested in.

Clip Lock Bridge for Ukulele

The biggest improvement across the board on all our Fluke and Flea ukuleles is the development of a new bridge that’s been in the works for the past year. This innovative new design guarantees never to lift or come off the top, fits all string gauges with no modifications, and includes a Graphtech Nubone adjustable saddle.

This unique design incorporates a flange that clips under the top toward the base of the instrument. Under string tension, the torque acting on the bridge pulls the top of the bridge down while the flange extension pushes up below the bridge supporting it from the inside. Its locked in place, held tight to the top without relying on any glue or fasteners. This eliminates one of the weakest and most vulnerable joints common to any stringed instrument with a traditional glued on bridge. Injection molded in our custom glass fiber reinforced ABS polymer, its designed to be light weight and stiff for good sound transmission, as well as super strong and stable.

Universal Stainless Steel Banjo Tailpiece

A new tailpiece was needed to accommodate both the 4 string tenor and 5 string banjos with the coordinator rod for neck support and adjustment. The part had to work with three, four or five stringed instruments, as well as knotted, loop end or ball end strings. This was accomplished with a unique slotting arrangement in a one piece stamped stainless steel part. It gets tumbled with a polishing media creating smooth edges and a satin gloss finish.

Timber Bass Geared Tuners and Flat Wound Strings

Prompted by customer requests and feedback, We have upgraded the Peghed 4:1 geared tuners to Graphtech Ratio 14:1 geared tuners. These are more conventional guitar style tuners that work great with the bass and make tuning much easier as well as eliminate any adjustment or slipping issues.

Working with Galli Strings in Italy, we were able to create our own version of flat wounds that really deliver in all the important aspects expected of flat wounds – silky smooth and quiet, with a rounder more acoustic tone. The one challenge was reducing the tension to be similar in playability, intonation and stress on the neck. This was accomplished with adjustments in gauge and core materials, resulting in a whole new playing experience for the Timber Bass.