Timber Bass Preamp Battery Replacement: the active preamp runs on two 3V coin cells contained in the battery enclosure on the side of the body. Open the drawer by pinching the two tabs and pulling out. Note polarity indicated on the battery enclosure. 

Fluke SB MiSi charging and plugging in: To charge the acoustic trio pickup, plug the Power Charger into a 120/220 V AC outlet.Then plug the power charger 1/4" stereo plug into the pickup's endpin jack and wait 60 seconds. Now your pickup is ready for 16 hours of performance time (actual playing time may vary depending on playing style). For best performance increase the charging time up to 120 seconds for the initial 2-3 charging cycles.

You can plug your instrument into ANY input of ANY system or amplifier regardless of input impedance. In the same manner, you can use any type of shielded MONO cable - regardless of its capacity. Your sound will not be altered. You can enjoy the benefits of an active amplified system without worrying about batteries.

Strap removal instructions

Disconnect the strap from the output jack strap button. Grasp the loop side of the Kevlar where it wraps around the leather strap and start pushing the leather strap through the Kevlar loop. Pass the entire strap through the loop – the buckle may be tight but it will pass through. Once the entire strap is pulled through the loop it will be free from the instrument.

Reattach by passing the Kevlar loop through the hole in the end of the leather strap, and then pull the entire strap through the loop. Should the Kevlar loop ever need to be replaced or removed, it can be detached from the instrument by loosening the strings and unbolting the neck.