"The sound, the sturdiness, the creative design. This product is value for money. Ukuleles often have intonation problems, but Magic Flukes do not. Its one of the most playable ukes and I have a lot of them. Oh, but its "plastic" that can be good? Yes it is, its a very strong light weight ukulele loved by reviewers and ukers all over the planet. People resell ukes a lot but they tend to keep the Flea or the Fluke they have. Its for a good reason: Magic Fluke makes very good ukes. For traveling, beach parties etc this uke can take a beating without falling apart. I love my tenor fluke. Et Voila: The ukulele stands on its own. It my favorite go to ukulele."



"Wow!! I received the Firefly yesterday. It is beautiful! What craftsmanship! I couldn't hope for a better looking uke. Sounds great. First song played.... George Forby's "With My Little Ukulele in my Hand". I thought that was appropriate as that song is what really got me interested in the Banjolele. Thanks! Great Job. I highly recommend Magic Fluke Ukuleles to anyone. I love my new uke. It has a place of honor on my wall... next to my Flea."

"I own a vintage banjo uke and have always been disappointed in it. It's heavy and I never could get it in tune properly - it always sounded somewhat 'sour'. On the other hand, your Firefly Banjo Uke was payable right out of the box. I made a minor adjustment on the movable bridge and it has stayed in tune beautifully over the last several months. It is also light, comfortable to play and has a wonderful ring to it. I find it perfect for playing a lot of the old-time classics from Jim's Daily Songbook collection. Thank you for such a wonderful instrument at an affordable price. I highly recommend it to my friends."



"My Flea is a concert scale with a hardwood fretboard and a pickup. I have owned it for a few years. Every time I play it, I am amazed at the sound. I have some very expensive and prestigious brand ukuleles, so I know what the good ones sound like. Compared to all the others, my Flea has a great sound. Yes, it is loud. However, there is more. The sound is full, balanced and pleasant. Plus, my Flea is durable. I do carry it in a semi-hardside case, but make no attempt to baby it. It has seen -15F and +100F, and it just keeps on working and working well. I honestly believe that the Magic Fluke ukuleles are the best value on the market. A Flea is an investment and money well spent."   http://www.magicfluke.com/Flea-s/1513.htm

"My daughter needed a ukulele for music class at school, so I ordered a soprano Flea for her and, while I was at it, a concert Fluke for me - natural finish, no fancy options.  Both are superb instruments.  Intonation, action, fit and finish... everything is perfect.The smaller body of the Flea suits my daughter well, but I enjoy the bigger, more resonant tone of the Fluke - the difference is definitely noticeable.  I have put some Worth strings on the Fluke (clear, hard, low-g) and they sound absolutely fantastic.  The only bad thing I have to say about the Fluke is that now my Firefly isn't getting all the attention it used to."


"I originally bought the cricket because I liked the design and was impressed by the acoustic tone. But it quickly became my go-to instrument for playing on stage once I realized how great that pickup was! And the fact that the shoulder rest can never fall off at an inopportune moment, the narrow body makes it fun to explore the fingerboard, and the light weight is easy on the back is all icing on the cake. I really love the cricket! I might even buy a second one, but it would be good to have this one fixed in any case as a backup."


"Great amplified acoustic tone, no feedback/distortion - Rugged design great for klutzes like me - Easy to reach high notes thanks to slender body - Easy on the back (I can play 3-hour stretches without any trouble)."

"As a professional musician that's always on the go, it's wonderful to finally find an instrument that is so durable, smaller than my full size acoustic violin and all without sacrificing any of the comfort or sound quality & volume."  http://www.magicfluke.com/Cricket-s/1817.htm

"I can't match it with any traditional violin I own. They always lose something when plugged in but the Cricket seems to find its voice. I go from playing slow ballads at home over an SR Jam amp to boisterous pub gigs with this thing. Never any distortion even if you push the highs. This is a quality pickup."


"Just wanted to write a quick email to offer my appreciation for the new ukulele. I forgot to send you an email when I got it last week. When I opened the package I have to say I was blown away . I absolutely love it. It is exactly as I imagined it. It sounds and plays beautifully, I feel like it makes me sound like a better uke player just because of the way it sounds. The laser engravings turned out awesome as well. Very happy with it!" http://www.magicfluke.com/Flea-Ukulele-p/flea_koa.htm