Firefly 5-String, a travel-friendly banjo

This is real banjo, but friendlier & more approachable than most. The 19" scale length works best tuned to open A, & makes it a great travel instrument.

Solid maple construction

We've always had the fifth string in the back of our minds. This guy is built on the same platform as the Tenor Firefly Banjo Ukulele, released last year.

Steel tone ring & coordinator rod

The head tension is adjustable without the discomfort & heft of traditional J-hooks. Neck angle can also be tweaked with the coordinator rod.

The Most Versatile Violin Ever.

Never leave home again without your violin. The Cricket is a serious instrument designed for any environment, from on-stage to on-deck.

The Cricket is a full-scale acoustic violin that happens to sound great plugged in too.

For the seasoned violinist who wants to leave her Stradivarius in a hermetically sealed chamber.

For the nomadic fiddler looking for an affordable, durable travel instrument.

For the new student seeking a fully set-up, ready-to-play first instrument.


Fluke ukulele
Cricket violin fiddle Fluke SB solid body electric ukulele Timber electric bass

July notes from MFC

The Tenor Firefly Banjo is in high demand as we gear up with our second major production run. It's also available in four different tunings: standard uke GCEA; Low G uke; Mandolin in fifths; and Baritone or (Chicago Tenor).Don't forget, with our laser engraver and dye-sublimation printer, soundboard graphics are entirely customizable. See the gallery for custom jobs we've done, and contact us if you have any ideas.