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After using a cheap $20 uke for a few months to decide if I was interested enough to invest in a good instrument, I decided that the time had come, and I called my uncle, a maestro of a uke player (and slack key guitarist) and asked him to help me choose one.

He brought me to Griffin Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, California, and told me "There is only one uke for the committed novice, and that's the Fluke."

We tried out a few in different voices, and I settled on the concert size, in a nice hibiscus finish.

My fluke is my best friend. It goes everywhere with me, and I pull it out and play it when stuck in traffic, or when waiting for a meal in a restaurant, yes, really.

It has a beautiful tone, and the tuning pegs don't slip, something that has bothered me about most of my other ukes.

Perhaps the best thing about my Fluke is this. I am disabled, and not too steady on my feet. About five years ago, I took a fall in my house and landed smack dab on my ukes. Two were completely destroyed. They were cheapies, and I didn't mourn their loss, but my Fluke.. oh! my Fluke.

The face and neck of the instrument were fine, but its hard plastic back was cracked, and a piece of the back the size of a silver dollar had broken out. I was devastated.

I called my Uncle in tears, and he drove over to give me one of his ukes until I could afford to replace the Fluke. He picked up my poor broken Fluke and plucked at its strings for a few minutes, then began to really play it..

and he turned to me and said "Jenn, this thing sounds as good as, if not better, than before the break!" He went out and grabbed his Fluke from his car to do some comparisons, and what do you know? Mine actually played a bit louder and with more resonance than his. After comparing, he grabbed my Dremel tool and modified his Fluke to have a "backside" sound hole like mine did.

Any uke that can not only survive a 285 pound woman landing full weight on it, AND come out the other side sounding better than before, that's a uke worth owning. I cannot recommend the Fluke strongly enough.

Review by Jenn
I picked up a walnut Firefly a couple of months ago. I am in love with that thing. I keep it at my side. I've started taking it to old time jams. So cute, so punchy, so light, so good.
"I want to express my happiness with the job you did on this instrument. It looks beautiful and with the low G La Bella strings it has a beautiful and mellow sound that is literally music to my ears. Better than any other ukulele I own and I own five of them. The set up you did was everything I was hoping for. I mentioned I have some arthritis in my hands and getting the action as low as possible without any buzzing would make a world of difference for me. This you have done to perfection and I'm very grateful. It plays very nicely.
And last but not least is that it's made here in my country by my fellow countrymen and it's made well with attention to detail. I'm proud to own it and I'm proud of the job you've done in creating such a wonderful instrument. Kudos to you all and thank you so much." (March, 2014)

"The Fluke made it safely to Brazil!

I loved the tenor scale, the hardwood fretboard, the Rosette design, the tuners, everything.

It sounds and looks beautiful. Thank you so much.

I'm mainly an acoustic guitar player, but I have to say ever since I came across the Fluke in a NYC music shop I was blown away by it's tone.

Thank you for making these beautiful instruments." (August, 2013)

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy my Flea. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I have 7 ukuleles. I just bought a very expensive custom Boat Paddle ukulele which I have tried to love but I keep coming back to my concert Flea. I follow your advice and look at your website and found a store in Paris (R&F Charles). So I buy a Flea, A TiKi because the seller told me that if i play this uke, the Hawaiian gods will protect me :). So I laughed and buy it!
Wow!! I received the Firefly yesterday. It is beautiful! What craftsmanship! I couldn't hope for a better looking uke. Sounds great. First song played.... George Forby's "With My Little Ukulele in my Hand". I thought that was appropriate as that song is what really got me interested in the Banjolele. Thanks! Great Job. I highly recommend Magic Fluke Ukuleles to anyone. I love my new uke. It has a place of honor on my wall... next to my Flea. I just purchased my new Flea from my local music store in Farmington, Maine: Every Day Music. I started plinking last night and am thrilled with the sound, the quality, and the spacing of the strings. I am a total beginner but I'm looking for a long happy relationship with my beautiful uke! Thank you for keeping production here in the United States.
I own a vintage banjo uke and have always been disappointed in it. It's heavy and I never could get it in tune properly - it always sounded somewhat 'sour'. On the other hand, your Firefly Banjo Uke was payable right out of the box. I made a minor adjustment on the movable bridge and it has stayed in tune beautifully over the last several months. It is also light, comfortable to play and has a wonderful ring to it. I find it perfect for playing a lot of the old-time classics from Jim's Daily Songbook collection. Thank you for such a wonderful instrument at an affordable price. I highly recommend it to my friends. I ordered my Fluke tenor sight unseen after reading many positive reviews of your company and instruments. The ukulele I received far exceeded my expectations and I’m really pleased with all aspects of it. You probably hear this all the time but I just wanted to pass on my comments and thank you all.