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Fluke Ukulele
The original design that started it all back in 1999. Created by Dale Webb, this non-traditional take on the ukulele features a unique composite construction of wood and injection molded thermoplastic. The combination of wood soundboard and acoustically resonant thermoplastic body, yields a musical instrument with full, bright tonal qualities, is comfortable to hold, tremendously durable, and stands up on its end! It's everyone's favorite - great for travel, adventure, or music class.

The concert FLUKE has a 15.5" scale length, 15 frets and overall length of 23 inches. Weight is around one pound depending on materials and options. A solid maple or walnut neck, and laminate birch, walnut, mahogany, or solid spruce or koa soundboard, are combined with an injection molded thermoplastic body and polycarbonate or hardwood fretboard creating a full, bright tone, unmatched at this price. Solid koa tops are subject to availability.
The tenor FLUKE has the same body size with a 17" scale and overall length of 24.5". Like the concert, the tenor easily accommodates GCEA tuning but can also handle the lower DGBE tuning (high D).
Both sizes can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs as well as with pickup options. If you don't see the exact color/design combination you are looking for, please ask - not every combination is listed. All Fluke models come standard with Nyltech strings.
Over 26,000 made, proudly in the USA.
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Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Standard
price: $225.00

Designer Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Designer
price: $264.00

Totally Black Lava Fluke uke, American made All Black Fluke
price: $264.00

Koa top Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Koa
price: $364.00

Spruce top Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Spruce
price: $364.00

Testimonial & Video

"My fluke is my best friend. It goes everywhere with me, and I pull it out and play it when stuck in traffic, or when waiting for a meal in a restaurant, yes, really." "I love the tenor scale, the hardwood fretboard, the Rosette design, the tuners, everything. It sounds and looks beautiful. Thank you so much.
Since I came across the Fluke in a NYC music shop I was blown away by it's tone."
"It looks beautiful and with the low G La Bella strings it has a beautiful and mellow sound that is literally music to my ears. Better than any other ukulele I own and I own five of them. The set up you did was everything I was hoping for." "It's made here in my country by my fellow countrymen and it's made well with attention to detail. I'm proud to own it and I'm proud of the job you've done in creating such a wonderful instrument. Kudos to you all and thank you so much."