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Fluke ukulele
Firefly banjo ukulele Cricket violin fiddle Fluke SB solid body electric ukulele Timber electric bass

July 2017 – Updates from Magic Fluke

The Tenor Firefly Banjo is in high demand as we gear up with our second major production run. It's also available in four different tunings: standard uke GCEA; Low G uke; Mandolin in fifths; and Baritone or (Chicago Tenor).
Don't forget, with our laser engraver and dye-sublimation printer, soundboard graphics are entirely customizable. See the gallery for custom jobs we've done, and contact us if you have any ideas.

Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Standard
price: $225.00
Cricket electric violin fiddle, American made Cricket
price: $395.00
Koa top Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Koa
price: $364.00
Designer Flea uke, American made Flea, Designer
price: $238.00