With the end of the year and NAMM approaching, we’ve added a few new exciting colors and designs. We are retiring some of the solid colors and replacing them with more vibrant dye stains. Check out the new Gem Tones: Citrine Yellow, Amethyst Purple, and Sapphire Blue. We also added a new Sunflower laser engraved design and FrankenSteam print on the Flea. As always, we are proud to be MADE IN THE USA, sourcing material and parts as locally as possible and contributing to the local economy. We hope everyone considers the importance of shopping local as we head into this holiday season.

Fire Rosette inlay laser Flea uke, American made Concert scale Walnut Mandala Firefly banjolele, American made Citrine Yellow Flea uke, American made franken-steam design Flea uke, American made Kente Fluke uke, American made
Fire Rosette Laser Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Citrine Yellow Flea
Base Price: $179.00
Franken-Steam Flea
Base Price: $229.00
Kente Fluke
Base Price: $238.00
Cricket violin fiddle, American made Chestnut Flea uke, American made Sunflower yellow Flea uke, American made Bark cloth Flea uke, American made Grape purple Flea uke, amethyst flea, American made
Base Price: $339.00
Chestnut Flea
Base Price: $179.00
Sunflower Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Bark Cloth Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Amethyst Purple Flea
Base Price: $179.00

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