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Fluke ukulele
Firefly banjo ukulele Cricket violin fiddle Fluke SB solid body electric ukulele Timber electric bass

March 2017 – Updates from Magic Fluke

Our site is currently being upgraded as we continually try to make for a better customer experience. If something is not clear or you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call. The Tenor Firefly Banjo is available and shipping this month. An all black Cricket is now available and we hope to offer the Viola scale Cricket by mid year - initial testing indicates this to be a great travel alternative using the compact Cricket body and a longer 14" scale. Check out our new Tone-wood Jewelry line - we are now laser cutting from our colorful dye sublimated top designs for a unique colorful effect. 

Cricket electric violin fiddle, American made Cricket
Base Price: $385.00
Fluke uke, American made Fluke, Standard
Base Price: $215.00
Koa top Fluke uke, American made Flea, Koa
Base Price: $328.00
Short Scale Electric Bass Timber: Electric Bass
Base Price: $549.00