Click here for an acoustic analysis of the Cricket Violin

Musical instruments with four strings, made in Sheffield, MA, USA.

Cricket violin fiddle, American made Clockworks retro steampunk design Fluke uke, American made Surf design Fluke uke, American made Concert scale Walnut Mandala Firefly banjolele, American made Trigon abstract geometry laser Fluke uke, American made
Base Price: $339.00
Clockworks Fluke
Base Price: $238.00
Surf Fluke
Base Price: $238.00
Trigon Fluke
Base Price: $238.00
Fire Rosette inlay laser Flea uke, American made Cherry Blossom natural laser Flea uke, American made Stripe design Flea uke, American made Koa top Fluke uke, American made Honu turtle engraved Flea uke, American made
Fire Rosette Laser Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Cherry Blossom Laser Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Stripe Flea
Base Price: $218.00
Koa Fluke
Base Price: $363.00
Honu Turtle Flea
Base Price: $218.00

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