May 2016 – Updates from Magic Fluke,

Now that we have the Timber Bass sorted out in production, we have been able to reduce the cost and have updated the pricing. After a number of requests we are now stocking the K&K Aloha Twin for ukulele. This has been a popular upgrade over the single transducer pickup offering a notably more natural and warmer sound. You can find it as a pickup option for all Fleas and Flukes. The Firefly is now available with an Open Source pickup option – similar to the high quality passive transducer used on the Cricket. Of all the pickups we’ve tried, this is by far the most natural sounding and recommend this for anyone looking to add a pickup. If you are looking for more acoustic volume you may want to consider a player sound port on your next Flea or Fluke. Laser cutting makes for an easy upgrade to the molded body – you can find one pictured in our gallery. We recently invested in our own Dye Sublimation printer allowing us to print custom artwork on the wood tops. We will be able to offer more limited editions of our own and can now accommodate customers artwork more cost effectively.

Stay tuned – new projects are in the works.

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